4 years

Starting Date

August, January

Tuition Fee

$ 16,485 per semester


Fairfax, United States

About the program

This degree is intended to provide students with a well-rounded, hands-on forensic science education in order to prepare students for entrance into a graduate-level educational program, and/or entry-level professional careers in public and private forensic laboratories, federal, state, or local government/law enforcement, defense, homeland security and intelligence agencies.

The Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science from George Mason University provides a strong scientific foundation while simultaneously enabling students to individualize their educational experience toward specific career goals or post-graduate degrees by taking specialized forensic science and natural science courses.

Key Features

This degree offers concentrations in Forensic Biology and Forensic Chemistry to prepare students who desire a career within these specialties.

Unique features of this program include an innovative curriculum that offers hands-on training with crime scene techniques and crime laboratory methodologies, an outdoor forensic excavation research and training facility, and courses taught by professional and distinguished faculty from various forensic agencies and laboratories.

Courses Included:

  • Survey of Forensic Science
  • Forensic Trace Analysis
  • Forensic Evidence and Ethics
  • Forensic Chemistry
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Forensic DNA Analysis

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